We Need Volunteers!

We welcome volunteers to help with general administration and management of the Project.

Currently, we also are seeking help from those with professional experience in

  • building and maintaining a website
  • videotaping and editing
  • graphic design
  • marketing and promotions

Help create a community legacy.  We want stitchers!

We need people to help stitch the tapestries.  We can teach you the specifics of needlepoint.  Contact us to be a volunteer stitcher, if you are

  • experienced with needlepoint;
  • a member of a group doing some kind of needlework; or
  • an individual with some knowledge of/experience with needlework (needlepoint, quilting, cross stitch, embroidery, crewel, sewing, etc.).  

We particularly are interested in volunteers to stitch primarily on weekend afternoons  as part of the HAF Museum Exhibit opening in late January through December 2012 in downtown Annapolis.  And, we are in need of more Annapolis residents to help stitch the smaller tapestry panels.

To get more information about volunteering or stitching, click here for our contact page on this blogsite.

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