Interesting Tidbits

Here are some interesting facts about the Annapolis Tapestries…

 Project began in the Fall 2006

  • Hand painted, one-of-a-kind designs
  • All volunteers, except for the canvas artist/designer and the professional company that finishes and blocks the tapestries
  • Volunteers include: historians, maritime historians, photographer,  project coordinator, technical advisor, community stitching coordinators, community stitchers, The Stitching Sisters (large tapestry panels)
  • The ‘Stitching Sisters’ meet twice weekly, year ‘round and stitch the large, century canvases
  • Oldest stitcher, 98 years old
  • Youngest stitcher, 4 years old
  • To date, over 500 stitchers have ‘made history’ and come from around the United States and 13 foreign countries: Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Wales, Germany, France, Columbia, Nicaragua, India, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and China
  • Residents of Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia, Sister City of Annapolis, MD stitched one of the small, 18th century panels
  • Students and staff at Montessori International Children’s House, Annapolis, stitched the Sands House tapestry
  • The first large panel – completed in October 2010 – required 3,233 volunteer hours and  almost two years to complete
  • It takes 20 – 45 minutes to stitch one square inch on the large panels, depending on the detail of the section being stitched and the number of times the stitcher has to change yarn colors
  • Number of elements on the 18th and 19th century large panels: 44
  • Number of 3’x6.5’ large tapestry panels: 3
  • Total number of small, individual tapestry panels: 36
  • Number of small, individual tapestry panels per each large panel: 12
  • Sizes of small, individual panels: 10”x12” and 18″x24”
  • Stitching on 19th century large panel began late fall 2010 and will require at least two years to complete the stitching


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