At the Museum: This Week!

Posted on February 17, 2012


Updated, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Special Note: Our Historic Annapolis Museum exhibit of the Annapolis Tapestries: 18th Century will be ending at the Museum Dec. 31, 2012.  We will post future exhibit locations and Make History community events throughout 2013 on this site.  

Our volunteer stitchers unfortunately are not available to demonstrate needlepoint stitching on the Maryland State Seal, one of the individual tapestry panels from the 18th Century phase of the Project at the Exhibit this coming weekend.  We apologize for not having this opportunity for visitors to the Museum Exhibit. 

When our stitching volunteers are onsite, an 18″x24″ piece will be used to demonstrate the needlepoint work completed by the expert needlepoint stitchers on the 18th Century large and small tapestry panels on display at the exhibit now and also on the 19th Century large tapestry panel currently being stitched offsite.

This seal first appeared in 1765 on the title page of the Reverend Thomas Bacon’s compilation of the Laws of Maryland.  Carved on wood block by Thomas Sparrow, ward and employee of the Annapolis printer, Jonas Green, the Sparrow seal bears the latin motto, “Crescite et Multiplicamini” which means “Increase  and Multiply”.

 Our volunteer stitchers at the exhibit include:

  • Katie Williams, Community Stitching Coordinator
  • Sheryn Blocher
  • Doris Muller-Burton
  • Kathy  Pendley
  • Canby Robertson
  • Jean Russo
  • Vera Torrence
  • Lissa Williamson

Remy Agee, Project Chair and President of the Board of Trustees of Annapolis Tapestries, Inc.,   will not be at the Exhibit this weekend. When she is onsite, she is pleased to discuss this historic project; respond to questions;  and help visitors discover Annapolis history through visual storytelling.

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