Midnight Madness Special Event: Thursday, December 13, 2012

Posted on December 2, 2012


Enjoy Midnight Madness and… Make History!

Coming to Annapolis for Thursday, Dec. 13th Midnight Madness?  This year, there is a special event being held in conjunction with this annual holiday celebration. The Annapolis Tapestries: 18th Century Exhibit in the Historic Annapolis Museum, 99 Main Street, is the site of this special event. 

Open to those ages 6-99 years old, visitors to the Museum may participate at no charge. And no experience is needed! When completed, the stitched tapestries will become part of the Exhibit.  To date, over 750 stitchers from the United States and 17 foreign countries have made history through this project. Each stitcher signs the Stitchers Log which will digitized, so that visitors to future exhibits will be able to type their name and identify the tapestry panel they helped stitch.  This ‘Make History’ event is scheduled for 7:00-9:00 pm on Thursday, December 13th, at the Museum located at 99 Main Street in Annapolis, MD.  The Museum and retail store will be open late that evening.

Annapolis is one of over 30 cities, towns and villages worldwide that have Heritage Tapestries. These tapestries promote and preserve the local history with images of the people, places, objects and events that contributed to the development of the city, town or village, yet are less well known.  Heritage Tapestries typically are found in Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland and even New Zealand and South Africa.


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